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The Jean Moulin collection

The collections in the Musée Jean Moulin were, to a large extent, the result of two generous bequests: one from Madame Antoinette Sasse and one from Madame Andrée Dubois and Madame Suzanne Escoffier, cousins of Jean Moulin.

The Antoinette Sasse collection

This collection comprises all the archives of Antoinette Sasse, a friend of Jean Moulin. She bequeathed them to the city of Paris in 1987, along with all her property. The collection consists of photographs, letters and drawings by Jean Moulin, as well as newspapers, press cuttings and memoirs in his honour. Antoinette Sasse’s photographs, drawings and personal correspondence with various artists and politicians of the time are also part of this collection.

Among the key pieces in this collection are:

  • the false papers and ration cards in the name of Joseph-Jean Mercier (alias Jean Moulin) dating from his time in London.
  • writings and documents produced during his underground years in the French Resistance (coding of messages, bills, notes).
  • a book of sketches and caricatures drawn by Jean Moulin between 1942 and 1943.
  • an original manuscript by the writer Paul Géraldy.


The Andrée Dubois-Suzanne Escoffier collection

This collection was donated to the museum in 2012 by Jean Moulin’s second cousin Andrée Escoffier-Dubois. It features all the family archives kept by Jean Moulin’s sister Laure Moulin.

The collection comprises the private correspondence of various members of the family (including letters written by Jean Moulin to his parents and his sister between 1918 and 1943), Jean Moulin’s school essays and reports, newspapers featuring his cartoons, or containing articles relating to his life as a high-ranking official in the prefectural administration, Antonin Moulin’s archives (including his manuscripts), Laure Moulin’s stamp collection, as well as documentary files concerning the creation of memorials dedicated to Jean Moulin.


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